Thursday, January 19, 2012

Parents Retreat

It's no surprise that I am the product of a very creative family. Dad is a retired builder and has amazing artistic ability & Mum has always been very stylish both in herself & the home.She is the reason I originally became interested in interior design in the first place!

 In fact, it was not unusual to come home from school to find the house completely re-arranged! We were always encouraged to explore our creativity as children ... something I need to do more of with my own!
(I just don't cope well with glitter, glue and mess!)

Mum always has a project on the go, and we recently recovered some chairs and spruced up the lounge room in time for Christmas!

The fabric is "Ikat" from Warwick Fabrics and, is of course, available at Natural Habitat Interiors & Design.

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