Monday, December 19, 2011

Xmas Wishes

5 sleeps till Christmas!!!!
I know the years seem to speed up the older we get, however this one has been ridiculous!
Even my 8 year old looked up at me....(picture big wide blue eyes!) & proclaimed a month or two ago that "this has been the fastest year of my life!" which I laughed and responded " well hang on mate because it just gets faster!!"
It has been a very hectic one for Natural Habitat Interiors and I like to actually list (like all true OCD sufferers!) the achievements we have made....
to help validate the blur!
I won't bore you with all, but embracing social media (eg: blogging, business Facebook & Twitter)has been a biggie for this Gen X'r!
I don't confess to having grasped it all, but I've had a go!
Thankyou for reading my ramblings... I can't believe the volume of knowledge and talent out there in blogger land.
We are having a staycation this year with family joining us on the deck Christmas day. My youngest sister (aka be sorely missed as she spends her 1st Xmas in Melbourne with her gorgeous family.
Hopefully an early morning swim in the harbour, followed by lots of mess, noise and laughter will set the tone for the day.
Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to post more regularly in the new year.
Loved this image so much.. courtesy of Luxxbox + Objx []

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful staycation and i will miss coming home! It has been a big year hasn't it!!! Love to all xx